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Turn challenges into opportunities.  

Take your business 

to new heights!

We are powered by Dojo, we implement best in class technology solutions to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business combined with outstanding customer service and support.

We have helped hundreds of satisfied customers transform their businesses.

We offer monthly rolling contracts, and free trials.  Grow your business today! 

We are committed to adding value to your business. We have helped over 450 customers take their business to new heights. 

Powered by Dojo, we offer:

  • a top-tier payments system,

  • an excellent restaurant bookings system,

  • business funding in partnership with YouLend. 

Using a 4 steps process, we ensure that our service delivers added value each time.

We consult with Enterprises and SMEs to:

  • Increase revenue through enhanced customer experiences.

  • Streamline operational processes to reduce costs.

  • Gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

  • Achieve sustainable business growth..

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We empower businesses to navigate the world of payments with our deep expertise and innovative solutions, which deliver tangible results.


  • From business finance to fund your growth.

  • A top tier payments system to take lightning-fast transactions.

  • EPOS integration to streamline processes. 

  • Real-time reporting tools to monitor performance.

  • Read our Blog here!

With ignite restaurants growth with Dojo Bookings, by implementing an excellent restaurant bookings system, which generates new revenue streams, and elevate their service.

  • Make your restaurant more visible; manage bookings, walk-ins, and queues effortlessly. Leave a lasting impression on your customers and be one step ahead of the competition.

  • Read our Blog here!

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I am so thankful for all the help I’ve got, this level of service is quite unusual I must say. We’ve even had a follow up visit in person to see that we were doing alright. Fantastic!


Extremely professional and helpful

Always ready to provide help and teaches well how to use the product and service to its maximum use.
Xavier was extremely professional and the change was super quick and smooth as we had 5 different locations changing at once.
Even did this on a weekend!
Couldn’t have had a better experience!


I love this product, super efficient and fast. I switched to Dojo for my restaurants and all staff love it. The backoffice system is also easy to use and very user friendly. Moreover, I love my sales representative, Xavier, who has been my "go-to" person for all matters relating to Dojo. He knows what he is doing and as super friendly and efficent as Dojo itself. Highly recommended.


I was so glad to work with Xavier. He has been here many times even on weekend. From beginning to setup, he has done everything for me.
Thank you for your great work. 


Xavier has helped me transition PDQ providers several times now, and I can recommend his services enough.

He is always on hand for any issues that may arise with a very good follow up weeks later. 

Sonny pic.jpg

Amazing Tech - Even better rep

Not only was his support, service and communication fantastic, but the rates Dojo provided were also very competitive.

Not only has X supported us from onboarding to device set up, but he has also been extremely helpful post set up.

We have since transferred another site to Dojo and will continue use Xavier moving forwards for future sites.



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