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Siam Central saved 30% in transactions bills & increased bookings by 150% in 7 days!

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Siam Central benefit from Booking System installed by Polymath
Siam Central in London

Siam Central, a Thai restaurant in Fitzrovia, adopted our smarter Dojo payments system, together with our Dojo Bookings system.

The results? Nothing short of remarkable.

Smarter Payments, Faster Cash Flow

Increase Bookings - Increase Revenues - Bookings SystemSiam Central implemented Dojo for Business, which not only streamlined transactions but also accelerated their cash flow with next day settlement 7 days a week.

With transactions processed at lightning speed, they reduced wait times at the checkout. This not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also allowed the restaurant to turn tables faster, maximizing their revenue potential during peak hours.

Siam Central experienced a remarkable 30% in financial savings.

Boosting Bookings, Elevating Experience

The implementation of a user-friendly, efficient booking system not only simplified the reservation process for guests but also empowered the restaurant to manage bookings with unprecedented ease.

Customers were able to book their table easily at the click of a button on Google Reserve:

Book instantly with Google Reserve
Instant booking with Google Reserve

They could also book their table directly from the Dojo Bookings App

Diners can book their restaurant instantly via the Dojo Bookings App
Diners can easily book from the Dojo App

We even designed them a website so that customes could find them easily, and book from their website too:

Landing Page designed by Polymath increases their bookings

As soon the customers book they are directed through this little window which lets them choose their section, time, and they leave a message to the restaurant with any special requirement.

Book a table instantly via Google Reserve and the Dojo Bookings App

The impact was swift and significant. Within the first week of integrating our bookings system to their website, Siam Central witnessed a staggering 150% increase in restaurant reservations. From 25 bookings per week, Siam central increased to 67 bookings, instantly.


Siam Central are delighting guests and maximizing operational excellence. The future of dining is here, and Siam Central is leading the way.


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